Friday, May 21, 2004

One for Bungers

Because he enjoyed the Da Vinci code so much he might be interested in the news of a talk that Dan Brown gave. The sequel is about Free Masons and is set in Washington. I wonder if it'll explain the masonic symbols on the US Dollar. The article doesn't say when it'd due but apparently there is a clue on the cover of the Da Vinci code which gives some information about the new book.

He also said he left out what he felt would be the most controversial plot device - not for fear of it's controversy but because he felt it was "flimsy". So what was so controversial? He was going to have Jesus surviving the crucifuxion. Which reminds me of something I've been trying to find out for ages.

I remember reading a sci-fi book as a fairly young child (9-10) where a Jewish scientist goes back in time, discovers Jesus is a retard and takes his place. He then goes through lots of the things mentioned in the Bible and ultimately gets crucified. Does anyone know what this book is and who wrote it?

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bungers said...

Now I've finished it, I will write a mini review. I'll take my Palm away for the weekend with me, and maybe I'll get the Victoria Tunnel report done too.

Same story is on Yahoo too today... Here.

We're becoming a premier literature site too! Woo yay! Does this site know no bounds..?? ;)