Monday, May 24, 2004

Dr mmC was right!

Fruit. YOU try and think of a pithy caption for fruit!Here comes the science bit...Check it out fatties bariatrics! All you need is a DDR machine!

Video Game Fans Dance Off Extra Pounds

Edit : I've decided to combine the fruit icon with the science icon for all the bariatric stories on New Links. That's because fruit is good for you. You should be eating five portions of fruit and vegetables every day to stay healthy. If you're fat bariatric you're probably not eating enough fruit, and you're deffo not doing enough exercise.

See...? Isn't the tinternet useful?

You want proof? Carmen Electra eats lots of fruit. Fatty here doesn't.

Actually, I just found this, and it reflects a serious point that I could be trying to get across. We live in a society where we can do this to our kids? Cue rant about parenting... Very Fat Kid.


mmChronic said...

And if you can't afford the $4000 or so that an arcade DDR box will cost you can either:
A)Buy the psx version with mat for a few quid
B)Stop going to McDonalds for a week and you can buy several arcade boxes.

ILuvNUFC said...

Very fat kid - hahahahahahahaha

mmChronic said...

Very Stupid Parents of Very Fat Kid need to be beaten with Very Big Sticks. There is absolutely no excuse for a porker of a kid like that.

Carmen? Fruit? I thought you were going to come all over fruity on a hat. Or Something.

bungers said...

Less of that!

How on earth can she be described as "playfully erotic"..???

mmChronic said...

I dunno - ask your dad! Although he too is probably too young to be in the generation that fondled themselves over pictures of Carmen Miranda's melons. I think she's from Roman times. Or something.

bungers said...