Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Arrrgggh! Tron Man gets a chick!

Exceedingly Excremental, Staggeringly Stoolish, Positively Pooey etc etcWatch my gay spidey moves...Here's one for Fiddy, to go with his Tron Man from last week!

It's VORTEX - THE DEMON or something!

via DailyLinx


Dogs said...

How about we all learn Spidey's dance moves then go on a NewLinkers superhero fancy dress clubbing night. I shall be the Invisible Man.

Anyway, I am now residing at DCB's (just trying it out and there's no way I'm selling my flat - yet) so no internet connection until I get DCB's house cabled. Send any emails to my work address for now.

mmChronic said...

Does she know she is DCB? ;)