Saturday, May 29, 2004

10000 Games

We have been getting loads of hits for this page through people searching Google for the aforementioned 10000 games. After I'd posted this link ILuvNufc pointed out it was a massively expensive paysite where they wanted you dialup a UK premium phone number at a cost of £1.50 per minute. Ignoring the fact that most of us here aren't using modems and a lot of our visitors are from overseas anyway, it's a bit on the expensive side when there are so many free flash games to be found on the net. Where? Here are a few free game sites we've featured:We've featured many more than this - have a look through the archives listed in the right panel.

And to finish off with one last blast at 10000Games. I've just been for a look at their site to ensure I got the pricing right (sorry if that's being anal dogs!) and the latest game added at the time of writing was one called Skater Boy. I happened to notice the character in the thumbnail looked like one of the characters in Ed, Edd and Eddie which is a cartoon my daughter watches on Cartoon Network. So I went to their site and funnily enough they have a skateboard game called "To the Ed-streme" featuring the same graphics. So we have a choice of
  1. Cartoon Network have licenced their game for use to 10000Games knowing it is an incredibly expensive service which is probably out of the financial reach of Cartoon Network's target demographic. Not only that they have even allowed them to change the name of the game.
  2. 10000Games have ripped off Cartoon Network.
You decide. In case you need any help with the decision the two pictures are partial screenshots of the websites - click on them for bigger shots.

Cartoon Network's version

10000Games' version


bungers said...

Nice Saturday posting! I wonder if we should ask our ninja lawyers to contact either 10000 games for a split of the revenue so that we "maintain out silence" or we ring Cartoon Network and spill the beans in exchange for a netto carrier bag full of cash...?

I wonder where in the world Merg is today? I feel a little check is in order!

mmChronic said...

If you hadn't got sacked as BBC DG we could have had a 'New Links Investigates Web Scams' type programme in a Roger Cook stylee.

There are some stunning new Merg pics but I haven't had a chance to look at them all yet.