Monday, July 12, 2004

PCiQ - The Personal Computing IQ Test

The Personal Computing IQ Test is a series of random questions about computers to test your geek knowledge.

To set a benchmark I did the 25 question version (standard) and got 84% right. We expect our resident helldesker to get 100%. :)

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bryn said...

ha ha, no chance.
I've no idea where I fscked up as I got 92% and I did it twice.

mmChronic said...

So is it random ie did you get different question sets?

I have no idea which 4 I got wrong - but it'll be something to do with hardware probably.

bryn said...

nope, same questions.
Which proves im a jammy git as i changed loads of answers.
I think I lost marks on the questions about IDE cables and ATX mobo's.

Dogs said...

Oi got 20 oi did.

mmChronic said...

I reckon I got the IDE one wrong too.

I put 4 as 2 slots * 2 devices is that. But wasn't the ATX the smaller version? If so that may have only 1 IDE slot (like ILN's old Dell box) in which case it was 2. But I think the actual question mentioned 'directly connected' in which case it's 0 as you need a cable so it's not directly connected.

At least we all got better than Dogs! :)

ILuvNUFC said...

I got a measly %72.

mmChronic said...

Ok so we nearly all got better than Dogs! ;)

Dogs said...

Obviously I got the hard questions. Not that I would dare suggest that I know more than mC on the software side.

But hardware...blown any boxes recently mC?

Dogs said...

And obviously you do get different questions based on the details you supply at start - they must have given me harder questions because I'm older and more important.

Strap me in.

mmChronic said...

Can't be arsed.

I know I know more than you about life, the universe and everything. I don't need to argue the point with you.

mmChronic said...

Besides which we can sit back for a change and let ILN and Merg mass debate each other.

Dogs said...

Those two talking shite again.

"Impacted turds" ROFL. Newlinks at its best.