Monday, July 12, 2004

One less reason to use IE

One of the few things I still use IE is for checking the Google PageRank of a page via the Google toolbar. This new extension for Firefox, Page Rank Status, puts the Page Rank for a page on the status bar. Needs Firefox 0.9+.

I've also crossed off MSN groups as a reason to use IE as Firefox now handles those pages beautifully. I think the only reason to use IE now is for Windows update - and if you do it via the control panel bit you don't actually use IE.


bryn said...

I made the big switch to 0.9.2 this weekend.
All went without a hitch except for 3 days worth of bookmarks lost in transit.
I also found this cool extension....Firesomething!Its changes the name in the title bar of your browser to something different everytime you open.
Adding your own words to the lists adds a personal element.
For example, I was browsing on "Teh Supermonkeh" this morning.

mmChronic said...

I've just changed from 0.8 to 0.92 here at work with no problems whatsoever.

I'll have to have a look at that extension. There's also a gmail compose one which opens gmail when you click on a mailto: but I haven't tried that one yet as I haven't been able to remember where I saw it. :)

BykerSink said...

Just made the change too.

If you blokes have been using it for some time you could have told me how awful my mastehead looked when using Firefox.

Hopefully it's sorted now and looks okay to everyone.

mmChronic said...

Yay for socialist browsers! Boo for capitalist ones like IE!

I muttered summat ages ago about your masthead. But that was relevant for IE and FF - it's too big. Makes anyone on a small screen scroll left to right for no reason.

Here's some handy advice for you - put your anchor back in your blog template! When we link to specific articles because you have no anchor our links just point to the month archive page rather than the article.

BykerSink said...

Hopefully I have sorted that.

I think.

bryn said...

Byker! here you go!

bryn said...

sorry Byker, that link is for mC.
Move along, nothing to see here...

mmChronic said...

Which one? The masthead or the anchor?

The masthead is 820 pixels wide. All of the templates provide by blogger are designed (or seem to be) for screens which are 800 wide (a very common size). So your masthead is straightaway too big for your page.

The anchor bit? Nope that's still broke too. Check out the link direct to your cannabis piece from this post. It's not very direct at all.

Cheers for the gmail compose link bhell13! :)