Sunday, July 11, 2004

Blessed herbs

I hope you chaps are not eating, if so don't go there. Most people have 5-10 pounds of matter stored in their colon. John Wayne had 40lbs and Elvis had 60lbs when they died according to They market the
Colon Cleansing Kit for just under $90 which "is guaranteed to remove large portions of intestinal debris (like the photos shown on this site) in just 5 days"
Check the photo's but only if you are feeling brave.


Merg said...

This is urban legand and/or vegetarian propaganda, ie bullshit.

A single pound of impacted fecal matter is enough to put you into severe pain.

See Snopes for a rebuttal.

ILuvNUFC said...

I never said it was true, note the "according to.."
Which does'nt take away the fact that the pictures are disturbing and worth a look. :)

mmChronic said...

Merg must think we're the BBC or something. Or maybe he's lost the sophisticated(!) part of his humour gland while he's been stateside. We'll have to start playing canned laughter at the funny bits so he can keep up ;)

I also have to say that is one of the weakest Snopes rebuttals I've ever seen given as an example. It only rebutts the John Wayne claim. It agrees with the Elvis claim. They give a single example of a man with a pound of poo in pain which isn't what I would say evidence that a pound of poo is dangerous. I would hazard a guess that many of my 'babies' are more than a pound!

I do however believe all this colonic shizzle is a load of erm... shit invented for neurotics to give them something else to obsess over. Most useful enema ever? Not counting those actually required for cleaning bowels before ops/exams Santa getting the shit sucked out of him on Jackass has to rate highly. If nowt else it made me laugh.

Merg said...

This is a subject I've had harped on many a time for a certain veggie -- if you know me, you know who -- so I'm sick of hearing about it.

ILN, I didn't say you DID say it was true, just that it wasn't :)

Oh yeah, mC, how many of your 'babies' are *IMPACTED*? For t'is an important part of the criteria. It also lent no credence to the amount found in Elvis, simply that it was in there. Given he died mid-plop, not a major surprise ;)

mmChronic said...

Mine are all impacted! I hang from the ceiling to give myself the longest drop possible. Arf!

Seriously though when we went camping in Wales last year I didn't do a number 2 for 5-6 days despite guffing large amounts of bacon sandwiches, steaks, curries etc. When I came home I gave birth to a monster that I would say was fairly well impacted. It's now living happily in a Donkey Sanctuary. Probably.

We should be donating these stories to 365 Dumps! ;)

PS if this is comment appears 8 times or something - sorry!

ILuvNUFC said...

To Merg : You may well be sick of hearing about it but i don't post exclusively for you.I aim to please our many readers and more than occasional contributers. ;)


Merg said...


When did I ever say that you did?

Dave said...

well I can say that if you do the cleanse, stuff that comes out of you smells like it is 1 million years old, so it has been there a while. I have tried it, and would like to testify that what they say about mucoid plaque is real as I have seen it with my own eyes. There is a compelling argument for it here

Anonymous said...


I recently (at 5am this morning) decided to look up some information about the Almighty Cleanse ... what say anyone who has used this product? Also, has anyone ever heard of Robert Marshall--I basically sank $1600 down the toilet believing in this guy and his products. Don't laugh, I've been chronically ill and at the end of my rope. Safe to say he pretty much hung me :-( HELP!!