Saturday, July 10, 2004

Yahoo! launches GMail?

A webmail service called Oddpost has been bought by Yahoo. And according to this piece here GMail is very 'Oddpostish'. This was spotted by a Yahoo exec and the deal was announced yesterday. Oddpost are no longer taking new signups so I wasn't able to have a go. Presumably the Oddpost stuff will be integrated into Yahoo! Mail as quickly as possible so we'll get to see it soon anyway.

I can't comment on the similarities between GMail and Oddpost as I'd never heard of Oddpost before I saw this. But if Oddpost is as good as or even better better than GMail the online email war will just get hotter and hotter. This time next year they'll be giving us free iPods to use their services. Probably.

I wonder what Microsoft are going to buy? Yahoo and Google are carving out huge chunks of the web for themselves and Bill's MSN is slipping behind in terms of what's on offer. We're listening to offers for New Links Bill! ;)

via Anil Dash

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