Friday, July 16, 2004

Accessible Odeon? Not any more.

I have just been on the Odeon site to check ticket availabilty for Fahrenheit 911. The site doesn't work at all in Firefox - you can't even view film times never mind book tickets.

So I dived across to the Accessible Od*on site which provides a cleaner front end (including the ability to book tickets) to the official Odeon site. Well it used to until Odeon's lawyers forced them to take it down. No doubt you'll read about in on NTK this afternoon as it was this site that inspired NTK's challenge to redesign bad websites.

So I have to use IE to book a ticket at the Odeon site? I don't think so. Lost sale ching ching.


bryn said...

Odeon, 3 words for you.

mmChronic said...

Corporate sites like that assume there is only one platform. But even a few percent of web users is a lot of people that they are just simply refusing to do business with. Their loss.

bryn said...

the UCI, UGC and Ster Century sites all work in Firefox. So all the cinemas in Cardiff are covered.
Whilst on the topic:
Mini Review - Spiderman 2
Top Quality sequel, plenty for fanboys and regular punters alike but not enough shots of Ms. Dunst in the rain.

mmChronic said...

Unfortunately for me the Odeon here in the toon is the newest and best cinema around here. Twats.

The Warner Brothers site refuses to take my credit card details but it's happily accepted over the counter. But that one is closed now or closing soon anyway.