Tuesday, May 25, 2004

New Links

Ey oop, that were right smashin that were!I pity the fool.Here comes the science bit...We are mental, we are madNew icons for usage. That's 3 (Dibnah, Mr T & Science) from Bungers and 1 (toon) from Merg. Have I missed any?

I've also changed the search box to use Feedster. This searches the feeds for a site rather than the site itself which has 2 major advantages over Google:
  1. Results always point at post (either the new permalink style or the old) and not just to an archive page.
  2. Our posts seem get into the Feedster search database quicker than they did with Google.


bungers said...

Nice stretching with the Mr T.!!! :lol:

mmChronic said...

Stretching my ar5e! Hang on - that sounds a bit goatse!

I coloured in the 2 pixel gap down each side you left - I also did the same with the Scientist one. That'll be an inordinately expensive 'media designer' style fee of 5K please

Dogs said...

Is it just my eyes or have our icons lost a lot of definition? Look at the local and foosball icons and you can make out jpg stylee compression.

Is mC being a tight 4r5e with his icon file sizes? We've got fookin broadband ye'kna.

mmChronic said...

Yes there is lots of artefacting. I'm not being tight with filesizes for download reasons though - it's storage at msn. I've nearly used all my space there. Of course when you set up a new group at msn and got some image storage space let me know and I'll give you better quality versions for storage.

I couldn't give a fsck about readers on dial up! :)