Thursday, July 22, 2004

What a rip!

Newcastle has been chosen to host a World Cup qualifier between England and Azerbaijan in March 2005.This good news has been tempered by the fact that the cockney scum over at Old Trafford will get to host the other 4 games!! When exactly did Manchester become the centre of England?
The reason given for the two grounds that have been chosen is the fact that they are the biggest in the country.It's all down to FA greed, the games could be shared with other cities such as Birmingham or Liverpool.The only problem is the FA will not get as much gate money.So what's a few quid compared to keeping a fresh atmosphere which you would get if the games were spread around and giving more people their last chance to see England in a quality game outside stinking London.It's only fair the games should be held outside London because when the new Wembley stadium is built the rest of England will never see another international game, but that's another argument. BBC SPORT


mmChronic said...

Doesn't matter - we've got Kluivert! :)

Nah seriously it is twattish - but totally expected. That 'national' stadium is costing them a fortune. They had announced ages ago an increase in the corporate seats there meaning only about 7 real fans get to go to finals.

We want our money back - why should we pay for a stadium that is going to get used for freebie jaunts.

Of course when we reestablish Northumbria SJP will be the national ground. Yay!

ILuvNUFC said...

Should we be expecting to hear from Dogs this evening or is he away from home for those couple of days he mentioned earlier.

mmChronic said...

I think he's probably away - it's quite often dahn sarf in 'stinking London' or some other foreign clime.

We'll find out at 1:17 am. Probably.