Thursday, July 08, 2004

Tweak your Firefox searches!

Here's a cool article on how to get better search functions from Firefox.
Including - Searching from the address bar, custom keywords and right click searches!
Check it oot!


mmChronic said...

I'll have to have a play with that tonight - there's some good tips in there.

Dogs said...

I see bhell is larnin some geordie.

That BinksnBozza link was tremendous - did you look at the Pics page where they have a Burberry car and some charvettes with Burberry fashions and 'blingin' joolry n all dat stuff. Iz it coz I iz black?

mmChronic said...

Yeah I just noticed the 'oot' this morning.

I read the whole site when I got in last night - the RIP piece for their dead mate was very funny.

Dogs said...

It has to be a spoof and it's a work of genius. I'm so tempted to believe.