Thursday, July 08, 2004

Thank You Tony is
A site to thank Prime Minister Tony Blair for his support of the American actions in Iraq.
Apparently all messages left are printed (what have the Americans got about destroying natural resources? Use email FFS!) and shipped to Downing Street. Unfortunately you can only leave a message if you are American so here is New Links Message to Tony:
Thank you Tony for bending over and allowing that warmongering imbecile to butt fuck you and the rest of the UK.
It's amazing the shite you find on the right wing sites! :)


Dogs said...

Have you signed up to be a millionaire or have those ads in the links frame always been there?

mmChronic said...

The ones on the referrer lists? They've always been there - they're part and parcel of the script.

I saw a different referrer script thing a while back that seemed much better and I don't remember it having ads - but I can't remember the site and have had no luck looking for it. I think it was some sort of artists collective hippy thing dahn sahf but that's about all I can remember.

Anyway the ads are currently showing treats for Dogs so you're well in.

mmChronic said...

I've now found the artists collective hippy thing again and I've installed their referrer script. The only ads it carries are for the group providing the service.

We'll see how fast it is over the next few days and if it's better/quicker than the last one it'll stay.