Tuesday, July 06, 2004

NewLinks pron

To prevent NewLinks becoming BlueLinks maybe we should neuter Dogs and get him some neuticles


mmChronic said...

Dupe! :)

ILuvNUFC said...

DOH! Just doing Bungers job in his absence ;)

mmChronic said...


Dogs said...

To prevent Newlinks becoming Oldlinks we should castrate ILN :)

Sussed the comment count thing. Old cookies that I imported from IE into Firefox seemed to work fine during a session but after shutdown they reset themselves to the exact state they were in when I imported. Odd.

Hope Blogger continues working today - it was fscking useless yesterday.

mmChronic said...

I have a different scenario for you.

NL: New Links
FF: Firefox

You open NL at in FF. You then open NL in another session - either in a new tab or a separate copy of FF which you then use all day with comment counts updating correctly. You then close that session and when you next flick to FF you notice New Links is open. You click a comment link. This then writes that (teh old) session's cookie, overwriting the other session's more recent one and hey presto - a comment count that doesn't work. This can definitely happen - I tested extensively last night and can replicate this easily.

It could have been similar thing with having IE and FF open together. I certainly didn't have a problem as you described it when I moved over.

Dogs said...

Your scenario is simple and plausible. In fact so simple that you needn't have bothered mentioning it.
I haven't used anything but FF for the last few days. I also haven't bothered to make use of the session tabs apart from a quick play with it when I first started and I haven't had multiple instances of NL open at any time. All of these things would have been FOOKIN OBVIOUS.

Just an IE import problem which I've just fixed by wiping my cookie stash.

You sir, are an arrogant nobhead :)

mmChronic said...

Except for one thing. It appears IE and FF are using different cookies totally. Close all browsers. Open one instance of each,use them for a bit and see the difference. PARP!

I stand by the above scenario. Idiot. :)

Dogs said...

Are you still on glue?

I haven't touched IE since I imported cookies. Since then, on starting my PC each morning I open FF and go to Newlinks. The comment count is back to where it was at the exact time I imported the cookies. For example this current post reads 10 comments - 9 new even though I read all comments yesterday and the day before.

Please point out how your scenario supports this?


mmChronic said...

Oh and we know simple things elude you anyway so they have to be said explicitly - usually more than once.

Proof? ok - 1,2 & 3. No further questions your honour. :)

Dogs said...

You appear to be skirting around the issue of your own foowittedness.

mmChronic said...

So I'm skirting it how exactly?

I'm sorry I don't believe you can categorically state you haven't had multiple copies of NL open. It's very easy to get confused over the tabbed stuff especially for someone as simple minded as you.

No whinges from anyone else at all on this subject yet several of us are using FF 0.91. The problem is definitely at your end and I'm not taking your wild 'guess' that it is a corrupt cookie import. How much javascript/cookie/web/FF/IE programming have you done to enable you to back up your supposition with experience? That's what I thought. STFU.

mmChronic said...

And you can help yourself with any 'major' problems like incredibly complex procedure of installing the BlogThis button as seen as your intellect is so vastly superior to mine.

Dogs said...

You think your knowledge of the Blog This link is some sort of pointer to higher intelligence? Hmmmmmmm
Obviously I hadn't noticed that link myself and I didn't even know of its existence - what with me not being a totally anal dweeb who has read every single page of blogger.com.

And yes I can categorically state that I haven't had multiple NL tabs blah blah - like I said, I haven't used the tab feature. I appreciate you have a "wonderful" theory (which is actually extremely simple and obvious) and you would like us to believe that your extreme intelligence has led to this "fantastic" discovery but unfortunately you are, on this occasion, just plain and simple wrong. Now STFU

mmChronic said...

No I don't count knowledge of BlogThis! as proof of higher intelligence. I do however attach some weight to trying to solve problems yourself rather than being spoonfed all the solutions. I had need of the BlogThis solution myself and went and found the answer.

Yes my theory is extremely simple. But then so are you. Just because a theory is simple doesn't mean it's wrong. I do however know I know more than you about all the issues involved except the shite at your end. You stick with your theory and I'll stick with mine.

Dogs said...

Your ego is matched only by the size of your arse. You refuse to accept that there may be a simple explantion of a problem with imported cookies even though I have stated that your theory, however plausible, can not explain what happened as I KNOW (without the need to be fookin Java programmer) that I have not had multiple instances of NL open. Not on one day never mind three.

Your argument - I am a java programmer therefore there can't possibly be a problem with imported cookies.
I am a java programmer therefore there must be multiple instances of Newlinks blah blah.

As I recall when you install FireFox 0.91 and choose to import cookies it actually gives you a warning about problems with importing and advises you to delete cookies if anything goes wrong. Maybe I just imagined that as I am not a Java programmer.

You are a java programmer and an arse. Good day :)

mmChronic said...

You have just demonstrated your inability to read or comprehend written English again.

Please quote me the exact line where I said anything about Java (that's a capital J btw - Java being a pronoun) which seems to be main thrust of your response. Whilst you are quoting can you give me the source of the quote 'wonderful' which you have quoted in your comment at 1:48pm. Thought not.

And I don't refuse to accept a simple explanation (I thought we weren't allowed 'simple' solutions?) I just refuse to accept simple explanations from simpletons. They're not worth a fscking light mate.

I got no such message about cookie imports but it's nice of you to shed light on that dialog you got several hours into the debate. I didn't realise I had to have the ability to read warnings on your screen. If I'd known about that I may well have come to the same conclusion as you. Let that be a lesson to Mikey: Omissions are just as bad as talking shite.

Go take it up with the mozilla crew. Whatever you decide to do - sort it out yourself. My setup works. Boohoo for you.

Dogs said...

:) :) :) :)

mmChronic said...

I'm sorry but I just can't seem to see the correlation between


and my request for quotes.

Dogs said...

No quotes because your previous post was so fookin pedantic that it didn't seem worth the bother.

But hey, you didn't say Java!

ILN: Nice of you to admit you have the same spazz problem as me. Just call mC a Nazi and be done with it.

mmChronic said...

Of course it was pedantic you fsckwit - you were putting words in my mouth which I didn't say. This had to be pointed out.

I've said it before and I'll say it again but pedantry (or attention to detail) is a programmer. Maybe that's why you are still writing in Basic? Nice, simple language for a nice, simple lad.

And I'm going to be pedantic again. If you had made any mention of the cookie warning from FF this conversation could (and probably would) have taken a wholly different turn. Your cluebait error reporting it made it impossible to diagnose correctly. I even asked specific (pedantic?) questions about the problem in the comments yesterday but got no reply , meaningful or otherwise. My compewter's broke!

Dogs said...

Obviously it's important for everyone to know that you didn't actually say Java. You actually said javascript and I'm big enough to admit it

But the "fantastic" and "wonderful" were never intended as quotes. They were intended as mock headline quotes/reviews of your "brainwave". Geddit?

You didn't get a reply yesterday because a) blogger was playing up and b) it wasn't worth replying to and c) you are a pedantic nobhead

mmChronic said...

Couldn't be bothered to answer a question that was asking specifics of your problem so I could help you? I think you've just shown the depths of your ignorance.

Dogs said...

Your pint is a poof.

Where's everyone else? Wimps. As usual the great mass debates are left to us.

mmChronic said...

Being a fascist I have now sent my pint to a death camp.

Yeah they are all gayers. Bungers has a valid excuse for change though so we'll let him off.

Right I'm off for Japanese food and beer.

Dogs said...

We didn't have 16 users - you just had 15 instances of Newlinks open.

mmChronic said...

I must have had 21 instances open not long ago. Everyone is looking for the Women of Walmart and hitting the old post. I've put a link on that to the follow up. Giving the punters what they want. Or something.