Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Follow up: Blink 182 tickets

Our tickets arrived today!



ILuvNUFC said...

Strange.Tickets are normally sent out a week or two before the gig.
Just about 20 weeks to wait for the gig!

bungers said...

Woo, and indeed yay!

Morning Chaps!

First time I´ve seen a computater in three weeks!

Hope all is well, I don´t have much time this morning, but I think I may have a photo for the where in the world` series!

brb! :)

mmChronic said...

Hello Bungers! How's your Brazilian?

Let this be an example to the rest of the New Linkers. Bungers is in the middle of the Amazonian rainforest using a bit of vine and a dead python to connect to the tinterweb with. All you lazy fsckers sitting behind a PC right now (yes you!) have no excuse!

bungers said...

sh1t! Yoú´ve given my location away!

Im actually in Rio de Janerio, and I´m seaching for hot hunnies on the Copacabana this morning! :)

Nice to see the site is still alive and kicking without me... but I have noticed a distinct drop in the amount of smut though... ;)

Soon sort that out...

Laters chaps!

Bungers. :)

mmChronic said...

Shite! I was supposed to pretend that no one knew! I told evryone the other week as I thught we wouldn't get a WITW from you! Sorry!

There has been some smut from Dogs who has net at home again.

Oh and I've just bought my 2nd Ferrari with our advertising revenue. w00t!