Friday, July 23, 2004

Was the moonlanding faked?

I don't know but one of the most common proofs given is that stars can't be seen in any of the photographs from the Apollo missions. The just weren't looking properly! Someone has taken some of the Apollo 11 pics and processed them through photoshop (tm blah blah!) and has found stars are visible in the sky.

So was it faked? This guy thinks not but a really convincing argument that it was faked can be found here. Just don't let this bloke hear you saying it!

And whilst we are on the subject of the moon here's a couple of cool lunar panoramas: 1,2 (need QT).


Dogs said...

Does anyone take this sh!t seriously any more?

mmChronic said...

There's a whole interweb out there full of people who take this shit very seriously indeed!

I'm off to get some tin foil.