Friday, July 23, 2004

Our Man in Hanoi

Or WITW is BykerSink off to?

Our neighbour has launched his new blog, Our Man in Hanoi, which he is going to use for documenting his experiences in Vietnam during his VSO stint.

Best of luck BykerSink OMIH!


BykerSink said...

Cheers mate - working out who the hell I'm going to be when commenting will be tricky. I guess I will stay as Byker on the whole.

Either way, the state of the PCs in Hanoi, if memory serves me correctly, will no doubt mean that as many posts are lost as posted.

You sure you don't want to buy a house?

ILuvNUFC said...

Good luck, Dude.

mmChronic said...

Nah I'm on a much more desirable part of the Quayside! :)

I presumed the 2nd nom de plume was to allow you to do your political posting on SpaceHardware and keep it entirely separate from the Hanoi one.

BykerSink said...

Correct about the name. Basically I just wanted to keep them apart. Also I'll do all my blog linking from Space Hardware and I'll try not to further bugger around with the template at OMIH.

Mind you I'm having a hard enough time trying to find the time to write one blog right now, never mind too.