Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Sucker for punishment?

Right, I'll just juglle thgis football over the ginger scotchish lump's head, score a cracking goal and......celebrate witha dentist's chair recreation! Yay!This is superb. The BBC have created a virtual replay section on their site which recreates highlights in 3D game style graphics, allowing you to play them back at various speeds so you can see exactly how crap Heskey is.

This would be a depressing site if you only went there for highlights of the England vs France match the other night. However it is saved by the inclusion of Gascoigne's lush goal against Scotland in Euro 96 and Shearer's belter against Holland (also involving Gazza) in the same competition. Hopefully more good England moves will be added soon!

I hope this gets used for Premiership matches this season and to recreate other classic matches.