Sunday, March 07, 2004


After their advice for the decrepit, it seems Microsoft are doing even more for those failing in their mental faculties.

SenseCam is a badge-sized wearable camera that captures up to 2000 VGA images per day. In addition, sensor data such as movement, light level and temperature is recorded. This is similar to an aircraft "Black Box" accident recorder but miniaturised for the human body. It could help with memory recall, e.g. where did I leave my spectacles or keys? who did I meet last week? by doing a "rewind" of the days events. If a person has an accident, the events and images leading up to this will be recorded, and these could be useful to health workers. It could also be used for automatic blog generation.

I like the sound of automatic blog generation - it could take pictures of all the sites I visit and you can work out the links from the tiny text in the address bar in the screenshot. Sweet - no typing for me, headaches for you.

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