Monday, March 15, 2004

Follow up: Validation results

After Bungers' post this morning I decided to check out the results and fix any problems. The vast majority (after I fixed a couple of style bits which removed over half the errors) was the & character appearing in links - I replaced these with the & entity and they all disappeared. So for valid xhtml in future you need to do the replacement or face the wrath of Bungers.

So we are down to 27 errors currently (from 444) and they are as follows:

  • 1 in the template - my error which I'll sort out soon.

  • 6 down to errors in the blogspot/google banner which I can do nothing about.

  • 20 down to some cluebait's use of <br> instead of <br /> in their posts. They can fix that themselves!

So we have lost 3-4 hours link searching time to get almost 100% xhtml compatibility. Unfortunately xhtml being the beast it is means it is invalid xhtml if it is not 100% correct. I'll get rid of my one remaining error and that's as close as we get. I'll just have to stick the valid xhtml logo on with a disclaimer stating "valid apart from BlogSpot's and Bungers' code. Bastards.".

EDIT: For all your xhtml needs.

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