Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Where in the world was Bungers?

Still no word from Bungers about where he actually was apart from the fact that he was in an airport. So I did a little digging in his stats and I reckon it was Paris.


bungers said...

I get the pictures back today! Clues to follow soon!

That poor bugg3r ion the airport... I feel sorry for him. Nothing like a good Woe dens day story from mmC to cheer you up in the morning, eh?

Today, bungers is feeling : sad

mmChronic said...

It sounds like he's happy living there or at least got accustomed to it over the years. He's been given the necessary documentation to leave but never does.

Merg said...

I reckon it was Wales -- the airport was all a blind, he just called in for a few jars en route.

mmChronic said...

Well if there was an airport mentioned we know it wasn't sunderland.