Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Sphincter Cell

What do you get if you cross the N64 game Pilot Wings with goatse? That would be 'Sphincter Cell'. The game is like the sky diving part in Pilot Wings but the rings you drop through are more erm... ringish. That's right you'll be aiming for the goatse ring!

Don't worry - cartoon graphics spare you the shock of the real goatse.

Check out the rest of the site too. The author, Jamie Fuller, is a frequent contributor to the b3ta picture compos and has a collection of his entries online here.

via B3ta


Anonymous said...

Thanks dude!

Jamie Fuller

mmChronic said...

No problem - class game man! I'm sorry if you posted this comment ages ago as I've only just seen this. I'm going to have to change the timestamp format.