Tuesday, June 22, 2004

One for BykerSink...

We'll have no shouting here!Get orf moi land!Here comes the science bit...Kill the Haitians! Disclaimer: This is obviously meant to refer to Haitian criminals in a video game and not Haitians (of any profession legal or otherwise) in general. Thank you.All the talk of Glastonbury over at Space Hardware reminded me about this neat "gadget" I saw at the weekend. It's a text message enabled tent, so if you can't find your way home, text the number, and your little home sweet home lights up like a beacon to guide you back. How sweet!

Ch-check it out!

Have fun, and watch out for all the hippies... ;)


mmChronic said...

Your a bit fscked if everyone gets one.

I would put a remote controlled detonator on a barrel of aviation fuel in my tent for a unique tent locator. You'd see it from miles away and be able to have a barbie when you get there.

BykerSink said...

You'd be a bit fucked for somewhere to sleep though.

Cheers for the mention.

OOh and I made it into the Guardian again today. Only because I shamelessly begged though.

mmChronic said...

But you could dance the night away by the glowing embers of your tent.

We've given up on the Guardian and now whore hits by swearing at Apple.

Enjoy the weekend. :)