Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Tony Hart interview...

Amusing interview from B3TA where Tone admits that some of the pictures in the gallery were "not so good". That's cause I never sent anything in!

In the other news today... here's the monkey story you were after.

And... more importantly! puddingbeast has lost her MiniDisc player! But she's not bothered, because she wants an iPod, and now she has the perfect excuse to go out and buy one! Problem is, she works with me, and we don't get paid very much, so maybe you'd like to buy her one, or contributing to the mmChronic, Bungers, Chucky and Puddingbeast need poor little bugger fund. I'll be posting donation links later!

EDIT : Or... I'll be off to town to buy a dress it seems...

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