Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Roo - mania part 3

He might be able to play football and speak scouse but can he spell? SpellaRoo should be able to ensure he does. Unfortunately spellings are in amerkinese so the first question I saw was along the lines of:
Which of the underlined words is spelt incorrectly?
Summar is my favorite season.
ermm... both of them?


bryn said...

Is it just me that find this amusing?
-If you get twenty right, you will go to the "Land of Joeys"-

mmChronic said...

Not the land of Joey Deacons I hope!

Have you got a blog btw? You linked to that tech one the other day when we were talking about AdSense but you don't have your Blogger profile set up so I don't know whether it was your or not.

bryn said...

yeah i do, its just a basic [read as crappy] link-pimping/personal rant blog.

bryn said...

On the subject of link-pimping, check out ForeverGeek

Dogs said...

For the benefit of our American readership and whilst we are on the subject of US versus English spelling I would just like to point out the one thing that Americans always spell wrong. It is in fact the name of their own country.
Correct spelling "The United States of America".
Somehow they always manage to spell that completely wrong.
Example "World" Series Baseball. :)