Monday, February 20, 2006

Huzzah! More Lego luvverliness!

So, last night I built my B-wing (pictures to follow) and look what turned up this morning! --->

So this is what I'll be doing tonight!

p.s. The B-wing is very cool. I dunno if it's the same scale as my x-wing, but my rebel fleet is nearly complete. All I need now is the Millenium Falcon... :)


Sharelle said...
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Sharelle said...

hey lookit! I could totally be one of you guys! I have my very own south park pic, I write about lego stuff all the time and I also use the word huzzah!...woohoo!

bungers said...

w00+! Check out my next blurry crappy pics of my lego fleet :)