Monday, February 06, 2006

AOL and Yahoo take lead in putting price on e-mail


AOL and Yahoo take lead in putting price on e-mail

Dunno what "run the gantlet" is though, but if it stops me from getting the 500 spams a day I get in my work mailbox...


mmChronic said...

Oh noes - another scheme to stop the the interwebs being free. Why should my email sit behind a queue of commercial emails? I'm sure you'd rather have my latest wibble than some shizzle about V1@gra anyway. ;)

Spam is so profitable these days that maybe spammers will pay for the stamp to ensure their 'very important message' gets through the gauntlet. Fancy that - Yahoo! and AOL colluding to deliver spam more effectively.

PhilH said...

Did I read this wrong, or does the receiver have to have agreed to the sender's email address for this to work?

If not, unsolicited stuff will completely bypass the spam controls and make email less secure.

And if it is a two-way agreement, businesses would surely run the risk of alienating or offering a poor service to potential new customers and clients.

I have no objection to people paying for a premium service, but I fail to see how this is workable.

Oh, and hello. Long time no see. :-)

mmChronic said...

Hi Phil!

Yeah you have to have 'opted in' to receive the mail or the sender gets their wrist slapped.

To put this inot perspective though - how much spam do you get that tells you you have opted in for it? I get plenty - and I know for a fact I never signed up for it.