Monday, February 06, 2006

Google Maps Update UK Satellite Images

Huzzah! Google Maps have finally updated their satellite image coverage of the UK!

That there London has always been shown in high res but when you came north the images were atrocious - some sort of purple and green goo. Now you can see my house in hi res glory. I'm a bit puzzled though as to the source of the images - they must be at least a couple of years old (The yard linked to here hasn't been full of vans for at least 2-3 years and NTL haven't sponsored the toon for at least 2 seasons now) so why haven't we had them earlier? BUSH looking for evidence of WMD? Or has Google just went out and bought someone else's existing satellite images? They must be using their own satellite to spy on the Chinese people. Or something.

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ILuvNUFC said...

The NTL thing was the first thing that I noticed.

To hazard a guess I would say they are at least 3 years old if not more as my neighbour who used to have a white car(that you can see on the map) moved on some 3 years ago.