Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Smaller jets may transform flying

Sorry, I've been meaning to post this for ages, and I've got another three posts lined up in the drafts...

My resolution for 2006 is to buy one of these... featured in this story, cunningly entitled smaller jets may transform flying. It's all about tidgy jets that you can hoof about in. I like. New Links Airlines Inc. will soon be flying out of an airport near you!

Hooray! Welcome back to Old New Links, all is forgiven! ;)


Taoski said...

Are they gonna be like the new "mini-moto"?

Will I soon be buzed by a gang of Chavs in aircraft when I take the kids down the local park?


Taoski said...

Ps. W00t on Blogger!

Nice and quick compared to the old site!

Merg said...

Sort of off-topic-ish, but I was just reading the other day that one of the reasons airlines are suffering so much is that they're losing out the highly profitable first class traffic to people who are now super-ultra-rich and are buying/renting private jets.

So, they go point-to-point and don't have to put up with us hoi polloi, and we get crappier service that costs more.

Rah for tax cuts, etc.!