Thursday, January 26, 2006

New Links, New Template (and a rounded box hack!)

As you'll no doubt have noticed by now we've got a blogspot version of ourt gta:sa skin from the old site. It's not quite finished as there a a few layout problems, one or two 'wrinkles' to sort out, some ickle graphic bits to do and the sidebars to fill but it's nearly there.

No doubt you'll be marvelling at the wondrousness of the rounded boxes which I think are very funky. The code for those came from a post on the Modx blog about the rounded css boxes. It's a really simple hack to implement (which makes it all the better) but it does involve fairly large graphics and I haven't made ours quite large enough as you'll see on some of the longer posts.
"I devised the hypothesis that if I could do it with only one really big sample image and a max of five CSS rules for the basic structure, then I would be able to stop sending folks email along the lines of, 'I'd really like to help out but I don't really do Photoshop tutorials and Google can probably help you figure it out... and yes I'm aware there's a massive gap on your monitor that's large enough to show two HD-res movies side-by-side'."

BTW I say our graphics but I nicked Ryan Thrash's box image (as well as his code) and recoloured and resized it. So that's two thank yous to him then. ;)

Yay! We is back. Or something.