Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Nintendo DS Lite Arrived last week...

So lets announce it now!

Nintendo DS Lite Arrives

Hooray for being the last people to know about everything!

makes it look a bit less like a toy i suppose... ;) via Gizmodo again.


mmChronic said...

To be fair I read lots of stuff about it last week - but I was doing enough working on template etc so didn't post it.

You might also like to know that Revolution screens/vids were leaking last week too as was news of PSP 2.6 fw being hacked for homebrew using the GTA loader. I haven't had time to post about them either.

Taoski said...

The new DS looks alot better than the original.

I can't believe how popular it has become!

mmChronic said...

Nintendo handhelds are ALWAYS popular - not least because they produce good games for them.