Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Wor hoose

I can see wor hoose from here!
I don't know. I go to the dentist and come back, dribbling mouth all agog, anticipating dead bodies and everything. And I find you've all turned into peace loving hippies, practicing free love. pah. Your pints are all puffs.

Anyway the Sine link ILuvNufc posted earlier has a picture of wor hoose. That's ILuvNufc's and mine. We moved from that one about 20 years ago. I'll quickly point out that we aren't shirt lifting "life partners" but siblings. If you follow that row to the left for about 12 houses you'll find Chez Tweedy. Also on the same estate lived Jackie Lye of Brush Strokes fame. And Ant & Dec lived in our lockup with Jimmy Nail. probably.

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