Monday, May 01, 2006

World Cup Excel chart

Micheal Wray is simply the best at producing Excel football spreadsheets. On his site there is a 7.1MB World Cup chart (download here).

"Packed with all the usual features you've come to expect, such as:
- Review of all past tournaments and 2006 qualifiers
- Small preview of what's happening with the 2010, 2014, 2018 World Cups
- Review of host cities
- Review of stadiums
- Review of finalists
- Referee information
- World Cup stats for the finalists
- World Cup pedigree display for finalists - World Cup pedigree for all
FIFA members past and present (similar to what was in the qualifers, but
now includes note for which team prevented further progress). As I figure
most people will want to look at the finalists, I've separated into two
pages; one for finalists and one for the 175 other FIFA members and 4
- Past World Cup results for all finalists
- Head-to-head World Cup results for all finalists
- Timezone converter with automated Daylight Savings conversion. I think I
have picked up all DST settings correctly, but there is an override
function if not.
- Group phase sorts using full FIFA regulation criteria. (FIFA caught me
out briefly by changing the rules from the qualifiers!)
- Brief article comparing UN and Olympic membership to FIFA membership."

You might have to reduce your security settings to enable all the macros. I have done this & my computer is still running :-)

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Anonymous said...

in case you need some figures to fill that excel sheet: we already have all the results for all matches ;-)