Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Best Own Goal. Ever.


Merg said...

T'is a good 'un, tho I think the best ever is Michael Proctor's in-off-his-backside in that game where Sunderland managed to lose 3-1 despite scoring all the goals a few years back... :)

A rarity for a Sunderland game, but I really enjoyed it! <g>

ILuvNUFC said...

I've got them goals on a disc somewhere. I tried to find them for the Sunderland game recently but I could'nt as I was going to put them on Toongoals.

Anonymous said...

i was at the game at the time funniest moment eva in footie i think

toongoals said...

Thanks for this Chris Brass goal - I'd heard about it, this is the first time I'd seen it.
I remember an excellent own goal by George Graham back in the 70s (I'm getting old).
I'll have a look around for the mackem ogs against Charlton.