Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bunger's recipe of the day

Feeling inspired after watching that new cooking programme on the telly last night, I've decided to devote a portion of my day to finding you the best recipes on the net.

Let's get started:

Bungers' recipe of the day #1



Flip said...

Yummy spam spam spam :P

So - how y'all been - bet it's chilly up t'north :)

And where in the hades is mmChronic these days?

bungers said...

flip! You're alive!!

It's very cold up here. Mmchronic is alive and well, but he's gone into hiding because he pi$$ed off to many people.

Thanks for dropping by, and check out my next post!!

bungers said...


Curse these fat fingers of mine. ;)

mmChronic said...

Good grief. Welcome Joe Stalin and his revisionist ideas!!!

Gone into hiding? WTF? I say come and have a go if you think you're fscking hard enough. ;)

I is alive and well(ish) but just given up on this blogging malarkey as I got sick and tired of people not pulling their weight here - and when I started this job late last year I knew I didn't have time to keep doing most of the posts and all of the back end shit. Of course Bungers promised to take up some of the slack - but like every other promise that Bungers has ever made it was broken fairly quickly. I gave up in disgust at that point. And that is why you don't see much of me these days. Bah.

I was toying with the idea of starting another links blog (but not telling Bungers ;)) but in my real name - as the place I'm at now has been relying on a 'blogging expert' to tell them about blogs - and the advice being given was fairly shonky. I couldn't say "hey this is how you do it" and point my employers at our very successful blog where we'd screwed the max out of various free services as there were too many posts about weed, boobies, various other various nsfw topics and me telling people to fsck off all the time! One day that might still happen.

Anyhoo rantette over (and Bungers is now making me a cup of tea as a peace offering) so...

Hi Flip! How are you doing man? :)