Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Marijuana Myths

Richard Pryor loaded on cocaine

List of songs about drugs. They missed Golden Brown by The Stranglers.

Medical Cannabis Resources

www.streetdrugs.org. A database of drug information for parents, teachers, students, DARE Officers, or anyone interested in learning about illegal drugs.

Interdope - psychedelic visuals and virtual drug experiences

Marijuana Myths

Gravity Bongs FAQ


Merg said...

Re: songs about drugs...

There's about a zillion.

Possibly the most sung-about subject after love, sex and, perhaps, death...

No "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" either ...

I thought Gn'R's Nighttrain was actually about booze, too... Mr. Brownstone was definitely about drugs tho'.

Merg said...

Doh... I'd just glanced at the list, hadn't realised it was "by drug" -- and they do have Golden Brown up there, too :)