Saturday, July 01, 2006

We're Not Dead!

"You will be in a minute..."

Yersss... so much for Python.

How about The Emperor taking a call from Darth instead?

Ever wondered if you're colo(u)r blind? Try the Reverse Colorblindness Test, where only those who are colourblind can see "stuff" -- but not, you'll (probably) be glad to know, dead people...

Is Loco Roco racist? I can't comment because apparently, as a White Guy™, if I don't agree it is,my opinion is invalid because I'm part of the problem -- institutionalised racism, doncha know. You decide (unless you're white, in which case... um... move on to the next item).

UK researchers have developed cheaper, more environmentally friendly way to make microchips -- and the chips made via this process should be of higher quality, to boot. Cool -- literally!

And finally....
The RPG Cliche List -- probably a dupe, but funny enough for a repost (if indeed it is such!)


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