Monday, July 03, 2006

New Sony Trademark A Veiled Hint?

Sony has apparently got a new name for their "We're not ripping off Nintendo, Honest Guv" PS3 controllers:
Sony Japan has trademarked the new PlayStation 3 controller as ?P oo S?.
The trademarked logo is actually using an "infinity" symbol between the P and S. Still, it does look like Poos. Which means we have "Wiis" and "Poos" for the next generation. Ahem.

It also can be translated, by someone with a slightly warped thought process (i.e. Your Correspondent), to "Number Ones" and "Number Twos" -- so does this mean Sony has already conceded being the Japanese leader for this console's generation? ;)

Of course, with the '360 continuing to sell more poorly than the GameCube or even the GBA, at least Sony is assured they won't be last on their home turf...

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