Saturday, July 08, 2006

DS sales surpass PSP's in UK

According to trade mag, MCV, the DS has pulled ahead of the DS in the UK:
PSP's impressive start in the handheld market has been soured this week as rival console Nintendo DS began to pull ahead in the race for portable supremacy.
The latest industry estimates suggest that the June 23rd launch of DS Lite, while deemed unspectacular by some at the time, has boosted hardware sales for the year so far ahead of Sony's PSP.
While I like both systems a great deal, it's obvious that the reason the DS hardware has outsold the PSP in Japan at a ratio of roughly 5:1 and is beginning to see a lead in the UK is down to the software library:
And Nintendo is eclipsing the competition in the software charts ? this week?s biggest selling DS game New Super Mario Bros outsold top PSP title Tomb Raider: Legend by a ratio of over five to one. The Nintendo format also claimed the prize for being the overall top-selling full price console platform this week.
The PSP is essentially a portable almost-PS2, to the point that if you already have a PS2 there's not a lot on offer that's new -- not that that's a bad thing with quality titles such as GTA: Liberty City Stories, Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror and BurnOut: Legends, but the gaming experience on the DS is unique -- there's nothing quite like Kirby's Magic Paintbrush, Nintendogs, Trauma Center: Under The Knife, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Brain Age, etc. on any other system. There's truely something for everyone.

Just stay away from the DS version of Burnout: Legends. It's dire. In fact, it's so bad it's funny.

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