Wednesday, July 05, 2006

DevHook 0.42 Update

... talking of the PSP ...

Not bothered to update the PSP-y goodness in a while.

Well, Booster has updated DevHook to 0.42.

Since I haven't covered the inbetween versions for a while -- and our archives have the big hole in them from our Drupal adventure -- I'll do a quick summary.

DevHook will allow users to run ISO images of games from the memory stick. This has the huge advantage of being able to conserve battery life significantly, since the mechanical drive with all its moving parts is a bit of a power-hog. More recent games require a bit of jumping through hoops, however. It doesn't need a UMD in the drive tho, for those that have dead drives...

On top of that, it can boot the 2.5 firmware from the memory stick, allowing usage of all the 2.5 advantages, such as the web browser and enhanced video playback.

These features you require you find a dump of the 2.5 firmware, or make your own.

I've not tried the 0.4x series yet, but it appears quite a lot of people have had good luck with it, so there y'go.

You will need a 1.5 firmware PSP to use this, but even PSP firmware 2.6 owners can downgrade these days -- tho' do so at your own risk. There's been some reports of bricking. 2.7+, forget it.

UPDATE: Booster just released DevHook Sample Launcher 0.42a with some minor bug-fixes.


mmChronic said...

Cheers - grabbed this late last night so will have a go tonight probably. I suppose I'd better get some use out of my PSP - and if I do the 2.5 firmware thing at least I have a nice portable browser again. ;)

Merg said...

I keep meaning to, but I keep getting distracted by my DS ... maybe later.

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