Friday, April 14, 2006

Men Who Have Sex With Dolls

Continuing with the disturbing theme, we have possibly the first time NL has ever linked to Marie Claire with "Men Who Have Sex With Dolls", all about ... ahem ... "satisfied" clients of "Real Doll", a company that prides itself on making the "World's Finest Love Doll™".

Most disturbing part of the article? Perhaps:
After a last attempt with a dating agency, Malcolm came across RealDolls online. 'I bought Rebecca a few months ago with the money left from my redundancy payment,' he recalls. 'In my imagination, she's 14 and earns pocket money by working in her school library. 'She's very important to me,' he continues. 'I feel affection for her which goes beyond sexual desire.'
Oh dear...

The owner of Real Doll also chips in with some of his clientel demographics:
His clientele are mostly single, ranging from twentysomethings to pensioners, and over half work in IT or engineering.
Oh dear, oh dear ...

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