Tuesday, March 28, 2006

IE Security Flaws *yawn* So what's new?

Courtesy of The BBC comes news that there has been not one, not two, but three serious security problems for the price of one in IE6. Microsoft's take?

Microsoft said it would produce patches for the vulnerabilities in its next security update due on 11 April.

So, the fix is at best, over two weeks away. Unless the threat has "grown significantly". Personally, I consider remote code execution exploits to be a pretty damn' significant threat, but they didn't ask me.

Microsoft suggests users avoid visiting sites they don't trust -- which for me at least, means not visiting any sites...

No, this isn't a "two minutes of hate" about Microsoft, I just find it hard not to snark when they make such ludicrous statement.

The good news is that the IE7Beta2 "technology preview" isn't affected -- so that's my laptop safe, at least.

Regardless, for my regular browsing, I'll stick to Firefox.

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