Monday, February 27, 2006

First post for a while...

Must admit I have been a bit distracted lately with some other things and I have not made many posts. So I am going to ease myself back in with a few funny clips and some other odds and ends I found.



I suspect this guy is never going to hear the end of this from his mates.

500kv switch opening (looks cooler than it sounds.)

Cool multi player GTA mod for PC.

Chill out fella!

Man Marries goat shocker.


bungers said...

Nice linkage today :)

ILuvNUFC said...

Welcome back. :) NewLinks lives!

Bungers: are you any closer to getting the old template back yet?

Also whatever happened to our NewLinks night out seeing as how most of us don't even know each other?

G4Z said...


my first time using blogger, managed to not publish it on the main page. Sussed in the end.

Sorry for the absense, I would be up for a newlinks night out.


mmChronic said...

I'd be up for a NL night out too - still not changed my mind about packing in NL posting/fixing though.

Bungers do you want admin rights so you can do templatey things?

bungers said...

maybe.,.. I need to add the icon selector to the front page...