Friday, December 09, 2005

Sometimes an anti-consumerist Mega-Corp just can't get an even break...

Regulars may recall that Sony had "problems" with their XCP "digital rights managment" software on a number of CDs that was essentially a root-kit, and left the honest people (i.e. thems wot bought a CD and used the included software) wide open to exploits. Oops.

Then came the discovery that the XMP software itself was essentially pirated, since it contained a fairly large amount of GPL'd code. Naughty naughty.

Then, word arrived that the SunComm protection used on a number of other Sony titles also left users open to getting their system pwnd and turned into a zombie spam-bot or whatever...

... and now, we hear, there's a hole in the patch Sony released to plug the hole in the SunComm DRM.

Oh dear.

Of course, if you just ripped off the CD, you'd be very naughty indeed, but you wouldn't actually be open to various network attacks.

As is usual with copy protection, the paying consumer gets the worst of the deal, while the pirates are listening in comfort...

Of course, I maintain pirating almost any album that came out in the last five years is its own punishment anyway, but that's just my jaded view of what we laughingly call the contemporary music industry (and I use the word "industry" advisedly).

So, big props to Sony for their nomination of "Company that screwed up product to a level even I find hard to believe".