Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Mmmm shiny...

Coming to a store near you soon, an 8 Inch Digital LCD Screen which doesn't sound very new but what's good about this is that it only fits the new slimline PS2 (which is about one quarter the size of the original PS2). So not quite a handheld but small enough to fit in your hand luggage.


mmChronic said...

Shame I don't have the 3rd best console on the market - yet. ;)

/Starts planning a camping trip with added Final Fantasy goodness.

Dogs said...

but I do have the 3rd best console and it's one of those new slimline ones with added Gran turismo 4 goodness.

Most impressed with the size and weight - basically the same size as a portable DVD player

mmChronic said...

Yeah they are skinny - but I like a macho 14 stone console with tattoo rather than some effeminate rent boy of a console. ;)

27 points deducted for buying anal games too. :)

Just think - if Sony had a reliable network service and you and Bungers went out and bought Network Adapters for your PS2s you could play it online.

Does it support online play btw?

Dogs said...

That'll be big macho in a Village People stylee.

The slimline has a network adapter built in - it's ready to go online but I'm sure you have to do a Live style sign up - not going to bother.

Officially GT4 only has LAN play but there's some unofficial hack that gives online play.

mmChronic said...

You'll have to try the LAN thing with Bungers.

I didn't know they'd added the NIC to the skinny PS2. Just think - the PS2 is only a hard drive and a decent graphic chip set away from an Xbox now. ;)

Dogs said...

A decent graphics chip, a hard drive and a slot to put the hard drive in. And I'll take my opportunity to have a go at Sony for the blatant rip-off memory card. £20 for 8mb????? That's 1990 memory pricing for fscks sake.

Today's pricing...I have a 2gb USB2 pendrive which cost £100...that's 256 times bigger for 5 times the price

mmChronic said...

So when did you buy your PS2 then?

I would have liked to been able to buy 8mb of memory in 1990 for 20 quid. I wouldn't have bothered with that hideously expensive mem upgrade for my A1200.

mmChronic said...

or even my A500 as I had then I think.


Dogs said...

OK you pedantic twunt, I meant to say 1990's. honest ;)

More to the point, last century prices. Not fscking 2005 prices - the PS2 has got USB ports so what exactly is their excuse?

mmChronic said...


So how much is 3rd party PS2 mem?

You know we should be having this conversation over at new-links - much less delay on the commenting. ;)

Merg said...

PS2 mem cards use Sony MagicGate™ -- it's all about the Sony lock-in, pretty much.

Tho' you can find them cheaper if you hunt around mail order, they're still way more than compact flash etc.

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