Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The biggest LCD evar!!!

I want an 82 inch monitor. Usually screens this size use plasma technology but we'll have none of that inferior nonsense here. We much prefer crystal clear LCD with an 8ms response time (which means it's quick enough for DVD and games) and full HDTV compatability so you're ready for the next generation of high defintion TV.
Or you could use it at work. Probably. Not.


mmChronic said...

And will you return it to the shop a few days later complaining about crawling when playing games? ;)

Going back to a much earlier discussion - you could always use it for HDTV support on your PAL Xbox.

Dogs said...

It's true that 8ms still leaves a faint motion blur which most people wouldn't notice (her indoors couldn't see what I was complaining about) unless, like me, you're a frame rate junkie who has forked out for a fast PC graphics card.
On an Xbox running at 60fps max I doubt it's going to be a problem especially when you consider the huge boost in clarity that you'll get moving from TV to LCD.

But I'll wait until the response time is around 1ms and Telewest start broadcasting HDTV. - (I think the BBC plan to go HD next year)

BTW afer returning the LCD I then returned the 19" CRT (crap focus) and replaced it with an Ilyama 19" CRT that cost a fair bit more but definitely worth it. (and still £140 cheaper than the LCD)

p.s. SLF playing at Newcastle University soon - but SOLD OUT. FSCK.

mmChronic said...

You really are turning into a display geek aren't you? That was a joke and I get a technical response. ;)

The BBC has no planned launch date - it won't be for years as the Government has bottled forced introduction - like they have with Digital.

Sky are planning a 2006 launch.

mmChronic said...

Double fsck re SLF! :(

We'll have to keep an eye out for more gigs - they still tour quite a bit and do the Uni nearly every year it seems.

At least with SLF we won't be the oldest there unlike the Green Day gig. ;)

Dogs said...

Frame rate junkie = display geek

But not so much that I would refuse an 82 inch LCD if someone offered it as a gift. In fact I'd gladly throw my TV out the window.

Here's a revelation. After years of bleating on about what's wrong with console FPS games (mainly the control mechanism) I finally succumbed to Odd World - Stranger's Wrath. It's never going to get released on PC so I thought rather than miss out...

And after playing it for an hour last night I've decided that it's quite good but I can't stand the slow frame rate and poor quality display :)
And the control method sucks :)

mmChronic said...

I'll have to have a lend of that off you - I like the look of it but have hated EVERY Oddworld game to date.

I almost bought Spyro - then saw it was at 40 quid whilst the PS2 version was 25 quid.

They are trying to charge 'new game' price for a fscking 6 month late port. Greedy fsckers.

I'd like to see you throw your TV through the window whilst simultaneously staking your claim to be Britain's Strongest Man! ;)

Dogs said...

I'll bring Odd World round soon and perhaps borrow Halo 2? - which, coincidentally, is also never going to be released on PC.
Which annoys me almost as much as Gran Turismo 4 and Tekken 5 being PS2 only.


Dogs said...

Just remebered that the roms site that ILN mentioned recently had MAME roms for Tekken 3 arcade. This site seems to claim that its roms are legal to download, and qualifies that by stating that copy protected roms such as Super Mario aren't available.

Surely Tekken 3 isn't a legal download unless you happen to own the arcade cabinet?

BTW Tekken 3 runs a bit slow on PC. Allegedly.

mmChronic said...

Yeah I'll lend you Halo 2. I'm on boring bit anyway and haven't touched it since I bought GTA:VC and Burnout 3 anyway.

Tekken 5 is for gayers. You really want DOAX.

And are you accusing us of linking to illegal stuff? The cheek of it! ;)

Dogs said...

Show the man a pair of well animated knockers and he buys it every time. ;)

mmChronic said...

The fact that DOAX has got the highest boobie polygon count ever has no bearing on my recommendation. Probably.

Did you see Tecmo are attempting to sue the people who brought out the nuddie patches for DOA? Twats.

bungers said...

stop complaining about GT4 only being on the PS2 and go out and buy one you miserable git!

You don't need to get involved in my console is better that yours debates when you own all of them! Sheesh!

By the way, chimpanzees are 7x stronger than a humanzee, so they can easily pull your foot/balls/nose off.

I don't know if that's 7x stronger than The World's strongest man. Maybe I should investigate. I figure they're probably 3 or 4 times stronger than Geoff Capes. But that's an estimate, so don't quote me.


Dogs said...

Today's Metro reports that the bloke who was attacked attempted to reason with the chimps throughout the attack.

"You seem intent on removing my testicles. Are you sure you really want to do that? Perhaps your actions represent a deep anxiety and confusion over human and chimpanzee relationNNNNNYYYYYYAAAAAHHHH get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape"