Friday, February 11, 2005

Tunnel report?

The main difference between Europe and the US.

What's In Popeye's Pipe? via

Mr Burns
The Simpsons Personality Test. Which one are you? I was Mr Burns. :)

Zoo tempts gay penguins to go straight. via

50 Years Of Coca-Cola Television Advertisements. via


mmChronic said...

I'm someone different for a change!

mmChronic said...

Have you seen the new comments page?

It shows you previous comments (handy whilst arguing), displays your profile graphic and lets you put a name and site in like haloscan as well as the normal choice of Blogger name or anonymous.

I'm off to see what else new we've got! :)

ILuvNUFC said...

Just noticed it now as I commented on the two things to see post.

Merg said...

Oh no. Aghr.

Flip said...

Ummm...I came out as Marge...hehe

ILuvNUFC said...

HEHE! Marge.
Speaking of, have you tried a Google Image Search for "Marge" with safe on?