Thursday, February 17, 2005

How to spot a hunt...

Just in case you weren't sure of the signs, the North West Hunt Saboteurs Association has produced a guide on how to spot an illegal hunt.

Personally, if I saw a shotgun toting bloke on a horse with a pack of dogs I'd be suspicious... but it's not something you see up North, well the horse bit anyway.

Joking aside, hunting hunters makes a lot more sense than hunting animals for fun - do you hear what I'm saying ILN?

kind of via Stephen Newton's Diary

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mmChronic said...

Sedgefield had it's last foxhunt yesterday and that's oop north. Nearly.

They had a delightful piece on the local News with some really dim landed gentry type squealing how they felt victimised. Almost as bad as being torn apart by a pack of dogs. Probably.