Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Anti-Spyware Software Not Hugely Effective

Looks like yet another reason to use Firefox is right here -- Windows anti-Spyware software isn't apparenty all that effective, with the very best just managing to clear out 63% of the spyware on a test system. Even the combination of the best two products tested just managed 70% -- and much of this is spyware injected via IE (especially pre-SP2 IE).

So, be careful, don't click on "yes" to downloads you're not expecting, and don't use IE. And run your anti-spyware software anyway ;)


mmChronic said...

The top one in the list is (I think) the company Microsoft bought for their anti spyware software.

They have obviously given up on IE and are just leaving it to 'their' new software to tidy up. :)

Merg said...

Heh. Giving up on IE is about the best thing that could happen to the industry.

I'm forever reading "IE's fine", "IE is a good browser", etc. on various sites whenever Firefox is mentioned, and ... words fail me. It's NOT a good browser. It's standards compliancy is utterly abysmal. It's rendering of what it does support is very, very buggy. It's a security nightmare.

It's not I'm a mad evangelist (my father's PC still runs IE and I'm the one who looks after it), it's just... well, IE isn't good. It was free and better than the rather stagnant Netscpe Navigator, but that's about it.