Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Skimpy Prom Dress Shocks Parents

From the land of guns'n'abstinence-only sex-ed:
A skimpy prom dress aimed at teenage girls has sparked outrage among US parents.

The racy red dress, which has just two straps that barely covers the wearer's chest, is being aimed at young girls through adverts in girls' magazines.

It is so revealing that some shops are insisting on getting parental permission slips before allowing girls to buy it.
But amazingly the £265 dress, which critics say turns girls "from a Prom princess to a porn queen", is one of the firm's best sellers.
In the interests of ascertaning the degeneracy of said item, and upholding our mission to ensure our readers are fully informed, I went looking for pix of said dress - try here, here and here for some of the variations of Style 376 (which I presume is the one causing the outrage -- all I did was look at their catalogue and guess...).

Dunno about you, but I think that dress will be less responsible for abstaining than... ah... staining - in the Monica Lewinsky sense. Ahem.

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